The draft read only program for our March Madness Gala has now been published on our Forthcoming Galas Page.  Also please see updated Meet Information and Sportsys entry file (both as at January 16th)  for our Premier Meet on the same page.

The results for the Little Olympics held at Ponds Forge on January 5th 2020 are now available here.

The results from the Malcolm Hill League Gala held at Ponds Forge on Monday November 11th are now available here.

The Sportsys Electronic Filesets are now available for our 2020 March Madness and Premier Meets and can be found on our Forthcoming Galas Page.

The final round of this year’s Barnsley minors took place in Askern. Led by Charlotte and Lauren, Team Steel won this round emphatically and were crowned Division 3 champions meaning we are moving up to Division two next year.