City of Sheffield swimmers brought back bags full of medals from Kingston upon Hull at the weekend.  Swimmers from Junior Development, JO1 & JO2 travelled to Hull on Sunday 3rd October for the competition.  It was a bit of a red invasion and along with the huge medal haul there were loads of fantastic swims and PBs.  Well done to all who took part!!


Edvinas Zailskas (11) 200m IM & 200m Fly

Cian Senior (12) 200m IM & 200m Back

Charlie Brown (9) 50m Back, 50m Breast & 50m Freestyle

Phoeby Finch (11) 200m Back & 200m Im

Megan Armswood (9) 50m Breast

Elizabeth Bently (17) 50m & 200m Breast

Alex Haines (12) 50m Fly

Orla Dyer (11) 200m Breast

Megan Hudson (13) 200m Breast

Thomas Barnes (15) 50m Breast

Abigail Thorp (9) 50m Back

Sam Budd (12) 200m Fly

Nick Lowe (11) 50m Freestyle

Callum Hill (13) 200m Breast


Callum Hill (13) 200m IM

Lydia Lawton (9) 50m Fly

Thomas Day (11) 50m Back

Orla Dyer (11) 200m Back

James Hook (10) 200m Freestyle & 50m& 200m Breast

Cian Senior (12) 200m Freestyle

Sophie Hebden (10) 50m Breast

Thomas Barnes (15) 50m Fly & 50m Freestyle

George Garside (13) 200m Back

Natasha Davies (11) 200m IM & 200m Freestyle

Georgina Thorpe (15) 200m IM

Charlotte Holmes 50m Back

Emily Longstone (12) 200m Freestyle

Alex Haines (12) 50m Freestyle & 200m Breast

Olivia Woodward (11) 50m Freestyle

Phoebe Winter (10) 200m Breast

Leah Moss (12) 200m Breast


Matthew Olivo (12) 200m IM

Francesca Shield (9) 50m Fly & 50m freestyle

Charlotte Holmes (11) 50m Fly

Georgina Thorpe (15) 50m Fly & 50m freestyle

Elizabeth Bently (17) 50m Fly

Nick Lowe (11) 50m Back

Thomas Barnes (15) 50m & 200m Back & 200m Freestyle

Olivia Woodward (11) 200m Back & 200m Freestyle

Sam Budd (12) 200m Freestyle

Lydia Hudson (9) 50m Breast

Kathryn Brookes (10) 50m Breast

Ellie Crownshaw (13) 50m Breast

Natasha Davies (11) 200m Breast

Emily Longstone (12) 200m Breast

Edvinas Zailskas (11) 200m Back

Orla Dyer (11) 200m IM

Megan Hudson (13) 200m IM

Ella Moore (11) 50m Back & 50m Freestyle

Emily Garside (15) 50m Back

George Garside (13) 200m Fly

Edward Herft (11) 50m Freestyle

Amy Hook (13) 50m Freestyle

Kayleigh Boot (13) 200m Breast