The Age Group and the Senior Junior Winter North East Regionals both took place over the same weekend, 6-7 November 2010, at the Aquatics Centre in Sunderland.   It was a very hectic and long weekend but CoSSS came away with plenty to be pleased about.  Not only were there plenty of medals and great swims there were two British Records too!!  In the Senior Junior Championships there were 8 Gold, 7 Silver and 10 Bronze medals won with David Gregory (18), Alex Watson (15), Tom Sunter (18), Matthew Johnson (15), Lewis Coleman (18) and the Mens 800m Freestyle A Team winning Championship titles.  There was a short course British Record for James Crisp (28) in the 200m Backstroke in 2.15.40, and for Matthew Johnson (15) a short course Age Group British Record in the 200m Fly in 2.01.71. Congratulations James and Matthew!

In the Age Group category there were three Champions, Edvinas Zailskas (11), Emily Longstone (12) and Jenny Knowles (13).  Cian Senior (12) had a great weekend winning 4 Silvers and a bronze.  In total there were 4 Gold, 7 Silver and 8 Bronze medals won. 

Well done to all who competed!



Alex Watson (15) 15/U 800m Freestyle

Tom Sunter (18) Open 800m Freestyle

David Gregory (18) Open 400m IM & 200m Back

Matthew Johnson (15) 15/U & Open 200m Fly

Lewis Coleman (18) Open 200m Breast & 100m Fly

Mens 800m Freestyle A Team (Matthew Johnson, Tom Sunter, Ricky Speed & Lewis Coleman)


Tegan Turner-Clarke (15) Open 50m free

Womens 400m Freestyle A Team (Laura Whitaker, Lucy Spencer, Laura Huggon & Tegan Turner-Clarke)

Mens 400m Medley A Team (Braxston Timm, Lewis Coleman, David Gregory & Matthew Johnson)

Womens 400m Medley A Team (Laura Huggon, Lucy Spencer, Laura Whitaker & Tegan Turner-Clarke)

Helen McRoberts  (19) 400m IM

David Gregory (18) 100m Fly

Womens 800m Freestyle A Team (Laura Whitaker, Aynsley Heseltine, Ellie Faulkner & Tegan Turner-Clarke)


Ricky Speed (18) Open 800m Freestyle

Gabi Hignett (15) 15/U 800m Freestyle

Helen McRoberts (19) Open 800m & 400m Freestyle

Laura Whitaker (19) Open 200m Freestyle

Lucy Spencer (17) Open 200m IM

David Gregory (18) Open 200m Breast

Mens 400m Freestyle A Team (Matthew Johnson, Tom Sunter, David Gregory & Lewis Coleman)

Laura Huggon (19) Open 100m Back

Womens 800m Freestyle B Team (Helen McRoberts, Lucy Spencer, Gabi Hignett & Laura Huggon






Edvinas Zailskas (11) 200m Breast

Emily Longstone (12) 200m & 400m Freestyle

Jenny Knowles (13) 1000m Fly


Cian Senior (12) 200m & 100m Breast, 200m IM 7 400m IM

Jenny Knowles (13) 400m IM

Edvinas Zailskas (11) 100m Breast

Emily Longstone (12) 100m Freestyle


Cian Senior (12) 100m Back

Lucia Wood-Bonnelli (11) 100m Fly

Megan Hudson (13) 200m Breast

Luke Smith (14) 200m Freestyle

Emily Longstone (12) 200m Im

Phoebe Winter (10) 200m Fly

Alex Lenthall (14) 400m Freestyle

Matthew Olivo (12) 400m Freestyle