The City of Sheffield Swim Squad Premier Meet was held over the weekend of 26-28 March, at Ponds Forge.  And what a weekend it was for CoSSS!  Loads of medals were won, a huge number of PBs was achieved and to add to that, twenty one National Times also achieved.  A very successful weekend saw our swimmers from the top squads swimming on top form!  Well done to Antonia Heseltine, Emily Longstone, Alex Haines, Amy Treslove and Sam Budd for getting their first National Times.  Also well done Molly Grayson who managed to get four National Times this weekend and Ellie Pollard and Jess Taylor (pictured left) who got three each!   Congratulations swimmers – tremendous results!

HDW GOLD medal winners

Mollie Wood (12) 800m Freestyle
Molly Grayson (13) 200m & 400m Freestyle, 200m & 100m Back
Helen McRoberts (19) 200m & 400m Freestyle
Tegan Turner-Clarke (13) 200m Freestyle & 100m Freestyle
Cian Senior (12) 200m Breast
Ricky Speed (17) 400m IM
Jenny Knowles (13) 400m IM
Lucy Spencer (16) 400m IM
Laura Huggon (18) 50m Back
Emily Longstone (11) 100m Freestyle

Finals GOLD medal winners

Molly Grayson (13) 13 yrs/Under 200m Freestyle & 100m Back
Aynsley Heseltine (18) 14yrs/Over 200m Freestyle
Lucy Spencer (16) 14yrs/Over 200m IM
Laura Whitaker (18)14yrs/Over 50m & 100m Freestyle

HDW SILVER medal winners

Ellie Pollard (13) 800m, 200m Freestyle & 400m Freestyle
Gabbi Hignett (14) 800m Freestyle
Helen McRoberts (19) 800m Freestyle
Joseph Faulkner (15) 1500m & 400m Freestyle
Emily Longstone (11) 200m Freestyle
Jess Taylor (15) 200m Back
Alex Haines (12) 200m Fly
Jenny Knowles (13) 100m Fly
Tegan Turner-Clarke (14) 100m Fly
Mollie Wood (12) 400m Freestyle & 100m Freestyle
Jess Taylor (15) 400m Freestyle & 400m IM
Laura Whitaker (18) 400m & 100m Freestyle
Sam Budd (11) 200m Freestyle, 200m Back & 400m Freestyle
Alex Watson (14) 200m Back
Cian Senior (12) 100m Breast
Antonia Heseltine (12) 200m Fly
Ricky Speed (17) 400m Freestyle
Annie Wood (12) 200m Breaststroke

Finals SILVER medal winners

Helen McRoberts (19) 14 yrs/Over 200m Freestyle
Molly Grayson (13) 13/Under 200m Back
Jenny Knowles (13) 13 yrs/Under 100m Fly
Alex Watson (15) 14 yrs/Over 200m Fly
Laura Huggon (18) 14 yrs/Over 100m Back

HDW BRONZE medal winners

Mattew Olivo (12) 800m Freestyle
Mollie Wood (12) 200m Freestyle
Sam Budd (11) 100m Back, 400m IM
Alex Lenthall (13) 200m & 100m Breast
Annie Wood (12) 100m Breast
Joseph Faulkner (15) 400m IM
Jenny Knowles (13) 200m IM
Leah Moss (12) 100m Fly
Luke Smith (13) 200m Freestyle
Dan Cocking (19) 200m Freestyle
Caitlin Humpage (13) 200m Breast
Tegan Turner-Clarke (14) 200m Fly
Alex Haines 9120 100m Fly
Aynsley Heseltine (18) 100m Freestyle

Finals BRONZE medal winners

Ellie Pollard (13) 200m Freestyle
Laura Whitaker (18) 200m Freestyle

National  Qualifiers

Antonia Heseltine (12) 800m Freestyle & 200m Fly
Ellie Pollard 800m, 200m & 400m Freestyle
Emily Longstone (11) 200m & 100m Freestyle
Gabbi Hignett (14) 800m Freestyle
Alex Haines (12) 200m Fly
Molly Grayson (13) 200m & 400m Freestyle, 200m & 100m Back
Jess Taylor (15) 200m & 100m Back & 400m IM
Amy Treslove (11) 200m Fly
Joseph Faulkner (15) 400m IM
Lucy Spencer (16) 100m Breast
Sam Budd (11) 200m Freestyle, 200m Back