Farewell to coach Mike Taylor, who leaves the club today. Mike has been one of our key coaches for nearly 10 years and has had a massive impact at all levels of the club - from Swimstars and JO3 to our more senior swimmers in AGN and Senior Elite.

His obvious enthusiasm for the sport and the club and his tireless energy to support and motivate is widely recognised in British swimming. He truly epitomises what TEAMSTEEL is all about and will be missed.

However, one of Mike's legacies is that his hard work with Russ to develop an incredibly strong coaching team means that the club is fantastically placed to go from strength to strength as we move toward the end of this season and into the next. The future for COSSS is bright indeed!

The club extends huge thanks and respect for all of his hard work, loyalty, success and fun he contributed over the years. The club wishes Mike the very best of luck in his future career and look forward to seeing him poolside soon!