Scott Davison, Masters rep, reports on a successful weekend for the COSSS Masters at the annual South Yorkshire Masters competition.

The annual SYM competition organised by Philip Johnson is always a rich hunting ground for medals, especially for those of us not talented enough to win at nationals. This enjoyable, lower-key event packs a lot of events into one session, so most swimmers have to be careful not to enter too many for fear of underperforming. However Andrew Wycherley decided to forgo that convention and entered 7 and came away with 3 golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes. Simon Kerrigan on the other hand was "pure gold", with 3 individual and one team gold. Rob Hyde also won 3 individual and one team gold, with an especially impressive 61sec 100IM.

The mens 160+ freestyle relay team came home well in front in 49.67- scorcher!

Other medallists as follows:


Sarah Livesey 25-29: 50 free

Andrew Wycherley 45-49: 50 free, 400 free

Simon Kerrigan 35-39: 50 back, 100 back, 100 IM

Rob Hyde 30-35: 100 fly, 100IM, 50 fly

Jamie McHale 40-44: 50 back, 100IM, 50 fly

Scott Davison 40-44: 100 breast

Simon Kerrigan/Scott Davison/David Morgan/Jamie Mchale: 160+ 100Medley

Rob Hyde/David Morgan/Jamie McHale/Andrew Wycherley: 160+ 100 Free


Sarah Livesey 25-29: 100 free

Richard Wilkinson-Hall 30-34: 400 free, 200 free

Andrew Wycherley 45-49: 100 fly, 200 free

Jamie McHale 40-44: 50 free

Scott Davison 40-44: 50 breast


Andrew Wycherley 45-49: 50 fly, 100 free

Rob Hyde 31-35: 50 free

Scott Davison 40-44: 50 free, 100 free